Candle Wicking Needle - Bees Light Candles

Candle Wicking Needle

  • $15.15

A copper coated 15" long wicking needle. This tool is great for silicone molds and making tapers! The eye of the needle is very narrow and can fit through molds of all shapes and sizes much easier than the older style. If you feel that it is necessary, you may widen the eye of the needle with a Flathead screwdriver.

Weight .035lbs

Please Note: There is no wicking included in this purchase.
Also note that these may not work with old antique metal taper candle molds.
Caution: Remember to be careful as this is very sharp!

The middle of the needles diameter is 0.10"
The eye of the needles width is 0.21"
The thickness of the eye is .05"
Length approximately 15" long.
All of these needles are handmade and may vary a very slight bit.