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Glass Tealight Candle Holder

  • $3.93

Deck out your side tables with this glass candle holder. It has a clear see through design and will show off our beeswax candles extraordinarily well!
They are also very easy to clean, and can be refilled countless times!

βœ”οΈ 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax Candle

~ Proudly β™‘ Handcrafted in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ~

🐝 - Our Mission -

We are actively trying to help save the Bees, we support the NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign) and other organizations like it. With every purchase made, we take a small percentage of the profits and send them directly to the organizations to fund research and preservation efforts. 🍯 This in turn ensures that the bees, butterflies and other pollinators have a better chance of survival. 🌱 We only have one planet, which is why we must do everything in our power to protect it! Together, we can truly make it a beautiful place to call home.

Tealight Candle Holder Dimensions are approx. 1.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches.
Please note: There is only one holder in this package unless you purchase multiple.

Weight 2.2oz