Candle Bloom

Our beeswax candles over time will produce a whitish film over them, this film is called bloom. It is a shear sign of the purity of the candle. Candles that are not made of 100% beeswax are much less likely to develop it. Many people that purchase beeswax candles really enjoy the sparkly look of the bloom when it shines in the light and if you look close enough at a fully bloomed candle it will almost look like it has tiny little snowflakes on it. This look is great around the holiday season and Christmas especially. If you for some reason are not happy with the bloom being on your candle you can easily buff it off with a soft cloth like a cheese cloth or even a pair of nylon stockings. Another great way to remove it is with a blow dryer. Simply put it on a low setting and run it back and forth over the candle until it disappears from the warmth.