Wholesale Discounts

✔️ Price breaks
🐝 10% off for $100.
🐝 15% off for $150.
🐝 25% off for $500.

All wholesale orders come with a factual sheet letting you know where our candles are produced, the non profit donations we give to help preserve the bees; as well as where we source our wax from. This way you or your customers can know that they are getting the best quality product, as well as making a difference within the country to save our precious honeybee populations. 🐝

The offer for 10% off of $100 orders with us. 👇

For larger orders here is the link for 15% off of $150 purchases with us. 👇

For very large orders 25% off on purchases of $500+. 👇

Feel free to contact us here, via email at Info@beeslightcandles.com or on our Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeesLightCandles if you need anything in particular, as we'll be more than happy to assist you!

You can also find us on Faire Below!