Clear Votive Glass Candle Holder (Candles Not Included)

  • $3.31

Deck out your side tables with this glass candle holder. It has a clear see through design and will show off our beeswax candles extraordinarily well!
They are also very easy to clean, and can be refilled countless times!

Our Mission...

We are actively trying to help save the Bees from dying off, we support the NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign) with every purchase you make we take 2% of the profits and send them directly to the NAPPC to ensure that the bees, butterflies and other pollinators have a better chance of survival. We only have one planet, and together we can make it a much more beautiful place to call home.

Votive Candle Holder Dimensions are approx. 2.5" Tall 2.25" Opening 1.75" Base Diameter
Please note: There is only one holder in this package unless you purchase multiple and candles are sold separately.