Red Kaleidoscope Holder

  • $65.95

Each of these candle holders is hand painted by an artist using the finest of professional stained glass paints and gel gloss pastes around. These materials in turn help to reflect the light of the flame off of the glass in very elegant and exquisite ways. We can assure you that you will be beyond pleased with this candle holder when it is paired with our 100% Natural beeswax candles. You will without a doubt be amazed at how your rooms atmosphere can improve.

(This candle holder is best paired with our Tealight candles for a mess free experience)


Due to the fact that this candle holder is completely designed and hand painted by a single artist, the wait times can be up to a few weeks. Most orders will arrive within 2-3 weeks but it could take up to 5 depending on how many orders we currently have and if the order is placed during the Holiday season. We can assure you though that it is well worth the wait, as these candle holders are truly one of a kind and will go nicely in any room.


If you happen to order beeswax candles or other products from us with the holder; we will ship the items separately to you as they are ready at no additional cost.