Votive Molds with Wick Pins

  • $2.25

Molds that are used for making beautiful Votive Candles. Heavy duty seamless metal candle molds.
Dimensions of Mold Top: 1.75" Bottom 1.50" Height: 1.94” Capacity: Holds 1.50 oz of wax.
Votive Pins are used for making perfectly centered wicks each and every pour. These help make candle making so much easier!
Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns as we are always here to help!

Quick Tips -
To get the candle out easily, simply place the mold into the freezer and it should pop right out with a little wiggle.
Once the candle is out with the wick still in place, take the candle, turn it upside down on a table and push down while holding the candle, and it should slide out.
(The candle should still be cool for a smoother process.) For really stubborn candles we recommend a silicone release spray.

Caution: Wick pin is sharp and dangerous.